Rod Jellison

name Rod Jellison is a semi-retired tax accountant that has more than 30 years of self-employment under his belt. He has shared his experience and insight through seminars, classrooms and one on one instruction. His love of being an entrepreneur is motivation for his website. He retired from Corporate life after reaching a position of Managing Supervisor with a major financial institution and opted for self employment and the challenges it offered. He has started, operated and sold more than 5 very successful businesses and continues to impart his experience through his website, seminars and one on one instruction. He says he is excited and enjoys helping others start, operate and become successful in their own choice of business.

8 Tips and Tricks When Using paper tole (decoupage) images

19th August 2009
Here's some useful and easy tips for you. Have fun with your decoupaging. 1. Avoid very thin images because they have a tendency to tear. 2. Avoid papers that have images on both sides. Many times after gluing the image on the other side can sho... Read >