8 Tips and Tricks When Using paper tole (decoupage) images

Published: 19th August 2009
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Here's some useful and easy tips for you. Have fun with your decoupaging.

1. Avoid very thin images because they have a tendency to tear.

2. Avoid papers that have images on both sides. Many times after gluing the image on the other side can show through.

3. You can scan Images into your computer to print. Just remember that if you use this method, you'll have to color them by hand.

4. When the image you plan to use is printed on paper that is too thick,you can easily thin out the paper. You'll find calendars or greeting cards generally are to thick.

The quick and simple way to split the paper in half is by using your fingernail and carefully peel it apart. Once you've done that, then use a very fine sandpaper, rub the back of the print smooth and apply a coat of sealer.

5. Another way is to apply a few coats of varnish to the face of the print, allow each coat to dry. When it is well dried, soak the print in tepid water for a few hours, remove it and lay it face down on a piece of waxed paper. The next step is to use a damp finger and gently rub away the paper. Be careful not to rub through the print. Sand the print carefully and then seal it.

6. You will find that well-liked images are often under copyright. Copyright time is different for different countries, but it usually extends to seventy years after the artist's death. Copyright of artwork is owned by the person who produced it, or by the company or organization they assigned it to. If you use images without authorization from the copyright holder you're asking for trouble.

To get authorization to use a copyright image, contact the publisher of the work where you saw the image.

If you're using the images for your personal use, many times they will grant permission as long as you don't later try and sell your items.

7. Cutting up gift-wrap or magazines doesn't cause any problems. But don't use copyrighted images like Mickey Mouse or Pluto or any other copyrighted characters.

8. The largest part of the images on the Internet are under copyright and can't simply be printed and used without the proper permission.

Just remember that if you're making items for your own use, or to use as gifts, you shouldn't have any problems.

If you are making items for sale, check the copyright laws first so that you are only using copyright free images or have permission for use.

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